​About Me
Howard Pierce
Born in 1950, I left the US to live in Switzerland at eighteen in order to avoid the Vietnam War draft. At the time I wanted to make movies and at nineteen I had my first short film ejected from the Locarno Film Festival for what was called at the time, “anarchist subject matter”.

This and other events led me to give up film making and return to the US, eventually founding an architecture and construction company, Juba Design, where I worked with early computerized design systems.

In 1992 I changed careers and became the CEO of a startup software company, PKC, which pioneered a unique medical knowledgebase, informatics, and one of the first computerized systems of clinical decision support algorithms.

In 2013 we sold PKC to a software company owned by Dr. Oz (of TV fame), Sharecare. I stayed on at Sharecare for several years as the Director of Clinical Informatics.

I had always planned on writing speculative fiction as a final form of expression, once I had done enough living to have something interesting to say and a general understanding of how the world works. So now I am an author.

I live in Vermont with my wife Wendy and I have one daughter Haleigh in New York City.

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Howard Pierce